This registered user agreement (this “Agreement”) sets out the terms and conditions, in addition to our general terms and conditions, under which Brooklyn Investment Group, LLC, ("BKLN") a registered investment advisor, will provide preliminary access to use our proprietary A.I. powered platform, system, and tools as described in our Investment Policy (collectively known as the “Platform”). Although BKLN is a registered investment advisor, the limited use of our Platform as a registered user is not considered investment advice. Rather, it is a preliminary trial of one piece of our Platform and not a complete recommendation of an investment strategy using artificial intelligence traded funds (known as an “AIP”).

Limited Access

The Platform is made up of a combination of three parts:

  1. Search & Selection - this initial process preselects securities based on your search and allows you to add or subtract securities to your strategy. This preselection is not a recommendation but rather a return of values to your search similar to an internet search in which you have control of what you want to add, keep, or delete from your list.

  2. Optimization - once your strategy is complete to your satisfaction, you will have the option to use our robust optimizer to build out your custom non-investable AIP. The process by which this is done is described in our Investment Policy. You will have the ability to save and share your non-investable AIP, but cannot invest in it until you become a Client.

  3. Monitoring - this second half of our Platform is available only to Client’s as described in our Client Agreement. This part of our Platform allows Clients to invest in their custom investable AIP and gives BKLN discretionary trading authority to manage and trade assets in your BKLN Account as described in our Client Agreement and our Investment Policy.

These three parts make up the full extent of BKLN's investment advice as a registered investment advisor, and provision of all three is necessary for use of the Platform to constitute investment advice. Since Registered Users will only have access to the two of three parts as described in this Agreement, which provide only a non-investable AIP, the information they receive is not and should not be taken as investment advice but rather allows a trial use of parts of our Platform.

Data We Receive

A Registered User is required to make an account which asks for the user's Full Name and email address, as well the option to add a Twitter account for sharing purposes. The input of a Twitter account, a social media application, is exclusively for your sharing purposes; we will never post to your social media account without your explicit permission. All content posted to Twitter is subject to their terms and conditions.

In addition to the data points described above, we will also collect preliminary suitability data if you choose to optimize and create a non-investable AIP (part two of your limited access). Your first attempt to optimize a strategy will prompt you with a number of questions that will gauge your suitability to our Platform, and will provide you with messaging to consider if you choose to become a client.

Customer Support & Feedback

Registered Users will also have access to our customer support feature which is to be used for questions and comments on the Platform. Our chatbot feature is powered by Intercom, and thus subject to their privacy policy. Customer support will only provide you with information about our Platform’s system and processes, but will never provide you with investment advice through customer support. More information about our communication processes is described in our Privacy Policy.

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